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Treated Pine – The Versatile Choice

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Treated Pine Brisbane - The versatile ChoiceAustralians have been using treated pine for construction work, structural framing, decking and landscaping for a long time now. Lightweight, attractive, durable and cost-effective, Narangba Timbers’ treated pine is available in a wide range of products.

Treated pine offers dependable protection against both decay and termites and has a long service life.

Pine is treated in different ways, including CCA and ACQ treatments, and which one you choose will depend on the application for which the pine will be used. For vegetable gardens, playground equipment and other applications requiring arsenic-free treatment, ACQ treated pine is recommended.

Hazard levels varying from H1 to H6 indicate how much protection is offered from insects and decay. H2, H3 and H4 are the commonly used levels with each offering protection as below:

  • H2: Protection against borers and termites. Suitable for inside above-ground applications.
  • H3: Protection against moderate decay, borers and termites. Suitable for outside above-ground applications.
  • H4: Protection against severe decay, borers and termites. Suitable for outside in-ground applications.
  • H5 and H6 are suitable for use in contact with fresh water and salt water respectively.

Based on the hazard level, H3 pines are suitable for outdoor above-ground applications like posts and frames and H4 pines are suitable for in-ground applications like decks and landscaping.

There are also different strength ratings. F7 level indicates that the pine is suitable for load bearing applications and may be used for all types of construction work.

CCA Rougher Header Dry pine is dressed and finished on all sides with a fine ripple. The ‘Dry’ indicates that it is kiln-dried after treatment and will have minimal shrinkage. It is often used for outdoor furniture, and for building pergolas etc.

View our CCA Rougher Header Dry Pine Products & Pricing