Plywood Brisbane

Decorative Plywood BrisbaneConstruction grade and Decorative Plywood

Plywood is made by gluing thin layers of wood veneers together, with the grain of each layer (ply) running at angles (usually steps of 30 or 45 degrees). This forms one structural unit after bonding, creating sheets that are resistant to warping, twisting or breaking, which are then cut to various sizes.

Usually softwoods are used to make plywood, but hardwood ply is also available for higher-stress grade products.

Plywood is used for both structural and aesthetic purposes with the grading alphabets indicating this. For example, in AB plywood, the A refers to the best side and B the opposite side. Plywoods with grades A and B are used for finishing purposes and those with C and D for structural purposes.

The following kinds of plywood are available from Narangba, click the links below to view our different plywood range:

  • Bracing Ply: used to build structural bracing for buildings
  • CCA CD Plywood: preservative-treated construction grade plywood
  • CD Plywood: structural plywood where extra-strong resins are used to prevent separation