hardwood-timberThere is almost nothing to beat the combination of warmth, beauty and durability of natural Australian hardwood. With a very long service life and low level of maintenance, hardwood remains the sustainable choice for a wide range of applications – from rarely seen internal framing to external structures that provide aesthetic beauty, like decks, patios and fences.

At Narangba Timbers, we have both Kiln Dried hardwood as well as unseasoned framing hardwoods.

When used in construction, hardwood either absorbs moisture or dries out until it is in equilibrium with the surroundings. When this happens unevenly or too rapidly, it can cause shrinkage or splits in the wood. To avoid this, controlled drying of the hardwood is done in wood kilns.

Kiln dried hardwood is lighter, stronger and easier to handle than green hardwoods. It is also easier to machine, glue and paint.

Due to the cost of kiln-drying, especially for larger sizes, unseasoned or green hardwoods are generally used for structural framing. The green timber dries over time, and although there may be some bending and splitting, its structural integrity will be retained.

If you are unsure about which of our hardwood products best fits your project, just ask one of the Narangba Timbers team. We are here to ensure you make the right choice, and will help you to match it with the right nails, screws, and other building products that you’ll need.