Hardwood and Pine SleepersClick the links below to view our in-stock sleeper options available right here at Narangba Timbers:

Timber sleepers are ideal for adding a natural element to your landscaping.

Landscape grade sleepers are ideal for your flowerbeds, retaining walls (up to 1m high), lining driveways, edging gardens or for creating raised gardens. For retaining walls higher than 1m, you need structural sleepers.

Raised gardens, tiered gardens or pyramid structures allow you to make the best use of a small space. They are also used to provide adequate sunlight to delicate plants.

Both treated and untreated hardwood and pine sleepers are available. Untreated Hardwood Sleepers from selected Australian species may be used in the garden safely.

Treated timber is durable and resistant to rot, fungal decay and insects like borers and termites.

CCA (chromated copper arsenate) is a widely used wood preservative: Arsenic acts as the insecticide, copper as the fungicide and chrome is the fixing element. Due to the concerns about arsenic, CCA sleepers are no longer recommended for use in vegetable gardens.

We can order in ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary – a water-based preservative) Sleepers if you are modifying or building a vegetable garden. These sleepers are treated with a quaternary ammonium compound as both the insecticide and preservative and is safe to use anywhere.