Fence Palings

As blocks are becoming smaller and roads busier more people are looking to perimeter fencing with fence palings as a way to enhance their quiet, peaceful home lifestyle.

Fences made of timber palings provide privacy whilst adding beauty and value to your property.

Many types of fencing are commercially available, however, the most popular is always a timber paling fence.

picket paling fence

At Narangba Timbers we stock both hardwood and softwood (pine) fence palings CCA treated to provide resistance to fungal decay and insect attack.

Hardwood Fence Palings

Hardwood timber is more durable and commonly lasts longer than softwood timber. It comes in a range of colours and textures and looks unbelievable when stained.

You can view our extensive range of sizes and pricing for hardwood fence palings here…

We stock sizes from 1.2 m through 1.8 and 2.1 m fence palings through to 3 metre lengths with paling widths of 75mm or 100mm.

We also stock a wide range of hardwood fence posts and rails.

Treated Pine Fence Palings

A lower cost and popular choice are pine fence palings that are treated with CCA.

Softwoods such as pine weigh less and are easier to transport and work that hardwood fencing.

Our range of treated pine fence palings are available in similar sizes to the hardwood options.

Both plain top and colonial top timber fence palings are available.

How to Build a Paling Fence

As with any DIY project you undertake the most important part of the work is in the planning and provisioning.

modern timber fence palings

Narangba Timbers provides a series of DIY helpsheets for timber projects and there is, of course, a DIY timber fencing fact sheet available here for you to assist in the planning and execution of your project.

Timber Fencing Calculator

Once you have accurately measured up the dimensions you can add them below into our timber fencing calculator to obtain an indication of the timber you will require.

* to one decimal place
* Default entry that can not be changed
* 0 to 100

Timber Fencing Hardware Supplies

Of course you will need some hardware supplies for your DIY fencing project in addition to the timber.

Prices for associated hardware are available here…

Narangba Timbers – Your First Choice for Timber Paling Fence Brisbane

Here at Narangba Timbers we have all the supplies and helpful advice you require to complete your DIY timber fencing project.

So come on in yourself or contact us via phone (07) 3888 1293 or use our website’s contact form to find out more on how we can help.