Timber Cladding Brisbane

At Narangba Timbers you will find Timber Cladding in these varieties:

Timber Cladding - Tried & Tested Over GenerationsTimber Cladding – Tried & Tested Over Generations

Timber cladding has been part of the Australian building environment from right back in the early days of European settlement. Timber boards are applied to the exterior (and even interior) of a building for weather protection and, increasingly, for improved aesthetics. Both hardwood or softwood planks are used.

Cladding is used in all kinds of residential, rural and commercial buildings as well as garages, sheds and other outdoor structures.

After a period in the doldrums, cladding is enjoying a resurgence, mainly because of cost, durability and ease of use for the average DIYer. One emerging trend is to alternate light and dark coloured timber, or timbers in two contrasting colours, in order to create a unique visual impression.

Some cladding timber is naturally termite and fire resistant. Depending on the size of the boards, it is lightweight, easy to install using standard woodworking tools – and doesn’t require battens.

Timber is a sustainable building material, so by opting for timber cladding you are also reducing your carbon footprint, and, in the process, achieving good sound insulation, and resilience to natural seismic movements.