The term softwood is usually used to describe the timber from coniferous trees which are commonly evergreen trees.

Softwood trees tend to grow faster and are thus less dense in their cell structure and, therefore generally not as hard as hardwoods although there are exceptions.

This makes softwood quicker to replace after felling and easier to mill and work for tradesmen and DIY projects.

Softwood is also commonly lighter in colour.

pine plantation softwood timber

Types of Softwood

Of course the most common type of softwood that we all would have experience with is pine.

Pine is a very stiff wood which makes it durable and strong and is also quite resistant to shock.

Of course pine is also easy to work and looks great taking well to various finishes such as staining or painting.

Types of softwood include hoop pine, celery top pine and white cypress.

Non-native softwoods such as radiata pine and slash pine are the most common timber choices as they are extensively grown in Australian plantations.

Australian Softwoods

Australia has many native softwood species like celery top pine, white cypress and hoop pine, as well as growing non-native species like radiata pine and slash pine.

Pine plantations abound throughout mid to southern coastal regions of Australia (mostly Radiata pine) because it is quick growing and produces timber which is ideally suited to a range of construction projects.

Is Softwood Sustainable?

Because softwood trees are fast growing the same amount of land can produce more wood over a shorter timespan and, as such, has a good sustainability profile in terms of land use.

In general, timber is one of the most energy efficient materials available due to it being the product of solar energy. Forests are a carbon sync in that they store carbon. Sustainably managed forests are a natural source of environmentally friendly building products.

Software Building Products

At Narangba Timbers, we have a great range of affordable softwood products suitable for all your DIY and construction needs.

Our Softwood Timber range includes;-

  • Treated Softwood Sleepers
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  • Pine Cladding
  • softwood timber dressed pine

    Softwood Timber Summary

    Softwoods form a large part of the timber we use, as the trees from which they come grow quickly and are easily renewable.

    Though very strong, they are lightweight, easy to work with, and are easily transported to your work site.

    Softwoods are also less expensive than most hardwoods and are used extensively for flooring, decking, structural framing, cladding, panelling, bench tops, beams and poles.

    While softwoods are generally less durable than many hardwoods, because of their open-cell structure, they absorb adhesives, finishes and preservatives very easily.

    Treated softwood is very durable, resistant to insects, fungal attacks and decay and is a popular option for most woodworking projects, especially furniture and cabinet making.

    At Narangba Timbers, we have a great range of affordable softwood products suitable for all your DIY and construction needs so contact us or give us a call on (07) 3888 1293.