Washers are thin plates with a central hole which are used to distribute the load of a nut or a screw. They also prevent the timber fibres from crushing when pull-out loads are applied. Stainless steel, galvanised or zinc-plated washers are commonly used in timber construction. Galvanised washers are required for outdoor use and with treated timber to prevent corrosion and timber staining.

    At Narangba Timbers, we have round washers in 10mm and 12mm sizes. The shape allows them to ‘hold fast’ to the timber and prevents them from rotating when the nut is being tightened. They are ideal for use in structural framing and other limited space applications where a regular washer will not fit.

    Washer dimensions should be correctly chosen according to the guidelines specified in engineering design standards. This usually depends on the type of washer and the size of the screws or bolts used. If you are unsure of which washer to choose, feel free to contact our friendly staff for assistance.

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