Post Supports

Post supports connect your deck posts to the footing. They are bolted to the posts to stop movement from side to side and also tether your deck to the ground. At Narangba Timbers we are your ‘decksperts’ and we can help you choose the post supports required for cement-in, existing concrete slabs or for decks that will be closer to the ground.

Concrete Slabs: If you plan to build atop a concrete slab you require bolt down post anchors that can be set over the concrete and provide support to your timber posts. You can use half-stirrups against an existing wall or where you can only access the support from one side.

Ground Decks: For low lying decks we recommend you use joists and bearers. We’ll make sure you choose properly treated timber joists and bearers as well as the gravel and plastic membrane required to assist with proper drainage to avoid pre-mature wood rot from dampness.

Cement-in: We can help you choose the galvanized metal post supports for your cement-in posts to help secure your timber posts to your cement footings for less movement.

Our ‘decksperts’ can work with you to find the right post supports to build a sturdy, attractive deck.