Although wood is a natural material it still needs protection from the elements to keep it looking beautiful and to avoid fading and wood rot. That means you need to continue to provide protection for your home’s exterior wood products from cladding to timber fences, decks and pergolas. At Narangba Timbers we have a wide variety of both paint and oil products to update and protect your home and garden exterior wood structures and features.

Intergrain: We provide a broad variety of Dulux Intergrain products to help you maintain the natural beauty of your timber. You can select from oils or water based paints that will provide exceptional durability while enhancing the depth of the stain or natural wood grain. Oils are derived from raw natural materials providing your timber with the penetration required to keep it looking like new. Water based paints provide the eco-friendly choice for tough protection while being gentle on the environment.

Cutek CD50 is a unique wood protection oil which keeps wood looking great for many years. It comes as a clear oil, with a choice of 17 colourtones which can be added to enhance the natural look of your timber. The main function of Cutek CD50 is to minimise warping and cupping and splitting, which means exterior wood lasts years longer. With a colourtone, the added UV protection keeps the natural colour for much longer.

Cutek CD50 is simple to apply, easy to maintain, and cost effective. See the factsheet and application guidelines for more information.

Whether you need protection for decking, spa tub steps, fencing or pergolas we can provide the right paint or oil to help replenish and protect your timber’s natural beauty.