For sturdy, long-lasting fences, decks and pergolas you need to use the right cement. Cement provides a solid foundation for the supporting posts of your outdoor structures and at Narangba Timbers we supply the cement products ideal for your outdoor DIY projects.

    Our cement stock includes:

    Rapid Set Concrete: Rapid set concrete is ideal for smaller projects such as posts for decks, fences and pergolas. It is easy to use without the need for mixing. Cement and water are added directly to your post holes. As the name implies it sets in just 15 minutes so you can get on with the rest of your project. It also works well for laundry clothes lines, mail box posts and uprights and any projects where the cement finish will not be visible.

    Post Mix: Post mix cement contains a mixture of cement, aggregate and sand. It has the same applications as rapid set concrete but takes 24 hours to set. It also requires mixing prior to use. Post mix is not usually recommended for weight-bearing posts or uprights.

    Our experts are always on hand to provide the advice you need to select the cement best suited for your needs and the basics of how to use it.

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