Brackets are used for fixing timber rafters and joists to other timber supports, brick walls or concrete slabs. They provide both support and bracing in addition to a solid connection. Galvanised steel brackets are used for all outdoor applications and with treated timber to prevent corrosion and timber staining.

    Choosing the right bracket for structural applications is extremely important as it affects the structural integrity of the finished product.

    At Narangba Timbers, we have a range of brackets in different shapes and sizes suitable for different applications. Angle brackets, pergola brackets, and Z brackets are some of the varieties. The slots are designed so that nails, bolts, screws or coach screws may be used for fastening. Angle brackets are available in sizes 40×40, 50×50, 50×100 and 100×100 and pergola brackets in 85×65 (mm).

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