DIY Decking

DIY Decking

Narangba Timbers is your DIY decking headquarters – with all the timber, supplies, and ‘deckspertise’ you need to build great decks at the best prices.

Our ‘deckspert’ staff can provide you with insider tips that will help you to build your own deck with confidence. We can walk you through each step of your deck construction – from the materials you’ll need through to the finishing touches that will make it a stand-out.

Display Deck

We’ve even constructed a display deck right here at Narangba, so you can see a variety of timbers in-situ, and the different components used – just as they will be used on your deck. Below are some photos of our decking products, view the full gallery here.

Use our Helpful How-To Guides

Decks are a DIY project that can be tackled by anyone with a little know-how and the right tools. We have some great how-to guides right here on the website, so you can get a real feel for what’s involved, and then come on in and we’ll put together the materials you need to start building.

Use our Handy Decking Calculator

If you already have an idea of your dimensions, why not use our handy Decking Calculator to help determine the quantities of materials you’ll need, and get a good idea of costs. Questions? Our Decking FAQ might give you the answers you need.

Area to cover (LENGTH):
* input to one decimal place
Area to cover (WIDTH):
* input to one decimal place
Width of board:
* 0 to 500
Width of spacing:
* 0 to 100
Wastage factor:

Expert Advice

Our online tools are designed as a guide for the average DIYer, but when you come into or phone Narangba Timbers, we will go over everything with you to make sure you have everything you need.

When you are ready to build your DIY deck, speak to the ‘decksperts’ at Narangba Timbers. We’ll jack down the prices to lighten your budget not your wallet.

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