What is the Best Timber for Your New Pergola?

As Australians become more enamoured with alfresco living areas, timber suppliers in Brisbane are providing timber for a lot more pergolas than in previous years. Originally, a pergola was used to help create a shaded walkway. It provided structure for vines or plants which would climb across a walkway. The first documented mention of a pergola was in Rome in 1645 at the cloister of Trinità dei Monti.

What is the Best Timber for Your New Pergola?

In the current era, while a pergola can still be used for its classic use in a garden, it is more often used to turn a patio or a deck into an alfresco living area. While some are made of steel, composites or PVC, the most attractive pergolas are made of timber. Hardwood pergolas seamlessly transition into any natural setting, be it a garden or an alfresco living area.

Choosing the Best Timber

The best timber for your new pergol is going to depend on your personal taste. Any of our hardwoods are going to be great for a pergola. We stock Class 1 hardwoods which are rated at 25 years for durability and Class 2 hardwoods that are rated at 15 years for durability. Different hardwoods have different natural colours, but you can stain or paint them to your own personal taste.

Many people prefer a natural look and don’t want to cover their timber with paint or stain. Here are a few of the hardwoods you can choose from.

Ironbark: Ironbark is a red timber with a durability rating of 1.

Merbau/Kwila: Merbau, also called Kwila, is a brown timber with a durability rating of 1.

Spotted Gum: Spotted gum is a mixed colour timber with a durability rating of 1.

Blackbutt: Blackbutt is a blonde timber with a durability rating of 1.

We also carry a combo called “Mixed hardwoods of high structural strength.” We can provide more information by phone or in person.

For a quote or more information, call (07) 3888 1293.

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