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How Timber Screening Adds Value to Your Property

Let’s be honest our amazing outdoor lifestyle is a key reason why we all love living here in Queensland. The weather is better all year round and outdoor entertaining is always an option. As such our backyard, deck, paved area

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Timber Fencing is Making a Comeback

Fencing your home is essential because it provides you both privacy and security. Timber has long been the preferred material to use for fencing your home, however, as technology has improved other products have also proven to be a viable

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DIY Decking – Should You Give It a Go?

Besides being an excellent space for entertaining and relaxing, a deck can add value and beauty to a home. There are various deck styles to choose from, depending on your personal preference and the contour of your land. Timber is

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Timber Fencing Rules OK!

Making a decision on the type of material to use for home fencing can be time consuming when building or renovating your home. While it is okay to sift through steel, aluminium, wrought iron, stones, vinyl and see which one

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3 Reasons Outdoor Timber Decking Adds Value to Your Property

Adding outdoor timber decking to the rear of your house is always a great investment in your family’s lifestyle. Our sunny climate encourages the outdoor lifestyle with the weekend barbecue high on the list of favourite pastimes for most Australians.

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Why You Should Consider Hardwood Weatherboard For Home Cladding

It’s important to have an attractive exterior to your home. It adds curb appeal and ensures that your home is well-protected year after year. Particularly with the sun and rain that you can experience in southeastern Queensland, hardwood weatherboard is

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