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Many people have heard that treated pine sleepers may have the infamous poison arsenic in them and are concerned that they might not be safe to use for landscaping or construction needs. In this post, we’ll talk about why the

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Are Timber Picket Fences Making a Comeback?

There is something so iconic about the wooden picket fence. It evokes the aura of times past, when neighbours leaned over them to share lemonade and gossip. Their elegant design make them suitable for most home designs, and they are

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Why Do Interior Designers Absolutely Love Wood Floors?

Wood floors seem to be a growing trend in homes. Sure, they look beautiful but is this the only reason designers turn towards wood flooring in their clients’ homes? Let’s take a look at why designers love wood floors and

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3 Benefits of Adding Timber to Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re building a new home or just updating you’re the current one, you’ll soon find out that you have many options for exterior upgrades. You could paint, stucco, add brick or even timber. Timber is one option that has

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Timber Flooring: The Best Choice for Any Property

You have a lot of choices to make regarding the flooring in your home. Out of all of them, timber flooring is always going to stand above the rest. While other types of flooring have their own benefits, they pale

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Building Your Timber Deck: Hardwood, Softwood, or a Combination?

Deciding on the perfect variety of wood for your deck can be a difficult choice to make. While there are a lot of different varieties within either type, the decision boils down to whether you would prefer to have a

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Timber Screening Adds Security, Beauty and Value to Your Home

Your yard is like your home in that you want it safe and beautiful. Fortunately, there is an elegant way to make your property both: timber screening. What Is Screening? When we talk about screening, we mean simple fences with

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How to Make Sure You Do Not Spend too Much for Your Next Timber Project

Before beginning any timber project, it’s important to know what quantity you’re likely to use. Why buy more than you need? One key to a successful and well-appreciated home project is keeping costs as low as possible. But failing to

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3 Reasons Why Timber Fencing Increases the Property Value

Fencing can work wonders for your home. It is sort of like to the icing on the take – fencing defines the bounds of your property, adds an element of privacy, and stylises your house. In the same vein, fencing

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Creative Home Design Calls for Multiple Timber Flooring Colours

Inspired home design doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new hardwood floor. And knowing what colours to choose, or which mix of colours to use, can be the difference between what everyone else is doing

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